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Semi Frameless Showers Screen Camberwell


Semi Frameless Showers Screen Camberwell

It is very important to make a house more attractive and to make this up to the mark; everyone needs to think something innovative. Semi frameless Shower screen Camberwell is a kind of product which works for both the purposes. One is the hardiness of the shower screen and other one is about the look of the screen. The partitions contain two types of product. The lower part of the screen is made of wood while the upper part is glass protected and this part is fixed with well designed clams and screws which have enough strength to hold the whole screen.

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1: Semi Framesless Shower Screens Melbourne

2: Seamless Shower Screen Melbourne

3: Shower Screen Melbourne

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1: All glass used are Australian Standards

2:100% money-back guarantee on all of our projects

3: We’re so confident that you will be happy with our work that we offer a no-quibble

4: We provide highest quality materials and service for all our clients

5: We are more than 25 years of experience in the industry

6: We specialise in Fully Framed Screens , Semi Frameless Showers screens , Framless Shower Screens , Mirrors/ Coloured , Glass Splashbacks ,  Glass Pool Fencing , Balustrading and more.

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